Laundry Room Makeover

Jeff and Mary, my aunt and uncle, live in an absolutely breathtaking 1860s antebellum home. Every square inch of their property is a regal oasis, situated on over 100 acres of open land. It truly is a getaway that they get to come home to every day. Although the seemingly flawless farm house seems perfect in every way, our latest project was to redesign and reconfigure the one spot in their home that was slightly less than desirable: the added-on laundry room.

When you initially meet Jeff and Mary, they amount to everything that is polished, put together, and tasteful, and so does their showpiece of a home; however, we have absolutely belly-laughed at the dysfunction that was their laundry room. In the 1800s, they didn’t exactly account for fancy spaces to wash clothes, so the afterthought of the 1970s addition didn’t exactly meet the mark of protecting the integrity of the home. Thankfully, Jeff and Mary recruited us to bring this dysfunctional space back to life. This project has been so incredibly fun, pushing us to be creative and smart with a small amount of space.


When we first began the project, the overarching theme for the design was function. Mary wanted ample storage, a place for folding clothes, a deep sink to give their many adorable animals a bath in, and the basic amenities of a functioning laundry room. With this in mind, Braden and I wanted to create a space that was tasteful yet met all of their needs.


The laundry room was not a very big space to begin with, so we wanted to ensure that we made it feel as spacious as possible. To do this, we ditched the mustard yellow and magenta paint colors for fresh white ceilings and shiplap, added a window for natural light, and added a new light fixture to enhance the brightness of the room.




Although the space was tight, we wanted to incorporate as much storage as possible to eliminate clutter in the space. We added all new lowers beneath the counter tops, a vanity beneath the sink, two pantry cabinets, and an upper cabinet above the washer for plenty of space. Additionally, we incorporated a counter space for folding, laundry baskets, detergents, etc.


To keep the room from feeling too stark white, we wanted to accent with some darker tones to add warmth to the space. We decided to add black cabinet pulls, and a stained wood counter and vanity to accomplish this. Additionally, the décor in the room, including terracotta pots, hand-woven wicker accents, vintage books (of course), antiqued patents, and unique vases gave the base white color even more contrast.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


The smallest details sometimes make the biggest difference in a space, in my opinion. One of my favorite additions to this space was the greenery. I added fresh sprigs of greenery from Jeff and Mary’s bushes in the front yard, as well as artificial greens for a more lasting embellishment. Bringing plants and greens into a space is a great technique to add color to a space in an organic way.

Jeff and Mary made this project so fun, care-free, and empowering. We have enjoyed every part of the process, and we can’t wait to make someone else’s space feel more like home! If you have a space that needs revival and love like theirs, contact us by clicking here. Let us know what your favorite part of this space was in the comments below!


Afton and Braden

14 Replies to “Laundry Room Makeover”

  1. I love this space!! The window, the wood counter top is my favorite! I wouldn’t mind doing laundry everyday. Can’t wait to see more remodels.


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