Farmhouse Remodel: The Bathroom

As many of you all know, Braden and I have embarked on one of our most exciting adventures of remodeling and restoring an Italianate/Colonial farmhouse that was built in the 1860s. There is something so special and intricate about the details, labor, and thought that went into constructing homes during this time. Construction wasn’t exactly easy then, so I like to think that each detail was a true labor of love.

We are slowly but surely trying to remodel our home while staying true to the historical features that make it so unique. Sometimes this can be a fun but difficult act to do. Most recently, we remodeled our downstairs bathroom. This bathroom was an afterthought, seeing that the original home was not built with a bathroom in it. I love the historical value, but I’m not exactly trying to use an out house every day either!

We took the original footprint of the bathroom and kept it the same but updated everything from the floor to the ceiling to give it a more authentic, primitive farmhouse feel. I chose a wider shiplap for the walls, a vintage wood, converted dresser for the vanity, and mixed in modern touches with the black slate flooring, black fixtures, and black faucet.



This is just a small part of our remodel, but we love the journey. Follow along for more of our home’s before and afters!

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