It’s a New Year

Happy New Year! I love the start of a brand new year. It’s the perfect time to take a step back, reflect on previous accomplishments and failures, and set forth goals and intentions for what is to come. We always hear that it’s never too late to start over, but there’s something so refreshing about focusing and honing in on ambitions at the very beginning of a whole new year.

Last year held both mountains and valleys, but I’m thankful for them all. God has shown his perfect promises and steadfast grace through the highest and lowest points of 2018, and I know that He will do just the same in 2019. Some of the best and brightest moments of 2018 included starting our business, doing interior and wedding design for some amazing clients, remodeling our dream home, and celebrating birthdays and holidays with the ones we love most. Did 2018 pan out exactly as we had planned? Of course not. We experienced trials and setbacks more than I’d like to admit, but what I believe is so beautiful about these is that they have served as motivation in my heart to reach for more and overcome these difficulties with grace.

A beautiful fall wedding where my mom and I served as the floral designers.
Our family vacation to Gatlinburg… These are my favorite people in the world.
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Christmas in our new (old) home.

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Our newly remodeled kitchen that we finished up in December. More on this coming soon!
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Another wedding under our belts for some dear friends.

I have no idea what 2019 will bring, and neither do you, but what I do know is that I am ready to embrace it with open arms. Braden and I have some fun things coming up for our business, and we can’t wait to continue to grow and change in the best ways for all of our current and future clients. Let’s all strive for more this year—more passion, more vigor, more motivation, more ambition, more love, more hope, more rest, more time spent with those you hold dear—whatever more might look for you, my hope is that you’ll chase it. Let’s quit waiting around for our dreams and goals to magically change for the better, and instead, let’s take active steps towards reaching them. I pray that this year, your mountains are many and your valleys are far and few between. Thank you for coming along with us on our journey, and I hope that we can continue to do this together. Here’s to 2019, let’s get after it!

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