Country Guest Bedroom Retreat

When we decided to tackle the upstairs of our home, I had a vision and design of what I hoped to transform each space into; however, I quickly realized that these ideas I had were neglecting a lot of the furnishings that we already had. As I started thinking about it, I came to terms with the fact that I needed to be satisfied and content with what was already ours. Isn’t that a theme that we could manifest in other parts of our lives?

In short, the country, farmhouse style wasn’t exactly what danced through my head before we began remodeling this space, but now that the room is complete, I’ve found that the bright, natural light mixed with the old, antiquated barn wood creates a cheerful environment.

With the white walls, white subway tiles, white comforter, and white floors, I chose to warm up the space by bringing in some of the quilts that Braden and I have been gifted with. I love these for many reasons, being that they each tell a unique story, crafted by the hands of strong, remarkable women in our families.

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What is so special about this room is that each piece of furniture holds a significant part of history in our marriage in them. The bed was passed down from my side of the family and was the first bed that Braden and I ever shared. The nightstands are antique suitcases, given to us by Braden’s grandmother. The over-sized desk was an old door at one point, with the legs being one of our very first building projects together.

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My space looks differently than yours, but my point stays the same: be proud to use pieces in your home that tell a story. There is something so nostalgic and extraordinary about being able to walk in a room and see decor that takes you back to a certain moment in time or that brings happy memories to mind. This bedroom wasn’t what I thought it’d be, but with a renewed perspective, it is absolutely perfect for us, just as your home can be perfect for you—just choose to see it that way.

Thank you for following along with us!

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