Charcoal Bedroom Overhaul

Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE bright, light, airy, and cozy rooms, and this has been the theme for the entirety of our home. When we started to overhaul the upstairs, however, I knew that I wanted to do something that was a little bit different than my usual color scheme of creamy whites and warm woods. I felt like with 4 windows, the natural light of this room could handle something a little more adventurous, so I decided to go out of my comfort zone with a charcoal paint color and bold, mustard yellow accents.


Yes, this was our holding room for all of our extra crap!!
I promise it’s cleaner now!

The walls in this room previously had a floral print wallpaper, which normally, would be the first thing I’d let go, but I had a different vision for this room. The throw pillows and several of the accents I chose to use in this room had floral prints to them, so instead of getting rid of the wallpaper, I did what you’re absolutely not supposed to do, and painted right on top of the wallpaper. Oops. This way, the print would show through and pull out those accents. I was a little nervous of how it would turn out, but I ended up loving it!

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I wanted the room to have an old, warm, classic feel, so I chose to add mustard tones and worn brass and gold pieces throughout the room. To make the room still feel bright and not overbearingly dark, I kept the furniture and accent chair a creamy white. Y’all know I couldn’t get rid of it completely! 🙂

Overall, this room has been one of the biggest wildcards of our reno so far, but I think the risk was well worth it.

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