Intention in the Small Spaces

Have you ever been looking at your house, and you just felt like it didn’t quite “mesh?” Like, you loved the rooms each separately, but something about it just didn’t flow? Sometimes the answer to creating this much needed cohesion is nothing more than a little TLC to the small spaces and transitions throughout your home.

When we first were able to move into our home, of course, our priority was to remodel all of the highly-trafficked, highly-used rooms, like the kitchen, family room, bathroom, and bedroom. These projects took a bit of time which put some of the smaller spaces in our home on hold for just a little longer. As we really began to tie up loose ends, however, it became more and more evident how important it is to place as much intentionality in the small spaces as were put into the larger ones to really craft an environment that is tasteful and cohesive. For us, our starting point was focusing on our upstairs landing off of the main staircase.

Before, dated wallpaper lined the walls, and heavy, thick curtains blanketed the natural light that tried to peek in through the main window. I love light and warm tones, so I continued the light walls from the foyer beneath, and accented with warm, antiqued woods. Our architect’s desk was a find that came from World Market about a year ago. It was the very last one on the sales floor, so it had been significantly marked down from its original price. I’m usually not someone who buys on impulse, but this was an exception! At the time, I had absolutely no where to put this beautiful thing, but I think it found its home just fine in our new (old) house.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

The spinning wheel is something that brings me so much joy. Aesthetically, I adore the rough texture, antiquated wood, and all the perfect imperfections, but more than anything, I love that it was given to us by Braden’s grandmother, “Grams,” and has been loved on by her for many years. Pieces that tell a story will always be more special to me than something that you just happen upon at Target (even though I LOVE Target! 🙂 ).

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Lastly, the chandelier was found at a bargain store in Bardstown and was exactly what the room needed to pull everything together. To keep the natural, traditional feel, I accented with a sisal rug and of course, plenty of greens.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Some spaces may seem small or insignificant, but they truly can make a big difference in the overall feel of your home. Go and give those spaces a little love today!

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